About Us

What we really do?

We sell the coolest and newest gadgets and electronics invented to help you get the life you deserve – happy, comfy and fun! Our mission is to provide our customers with the best value-for-money electronics, which are at the same time trending and of the highest quality. You might be surprised what technology might bring to your day-to-day tasks and life. 🙂

Our Vision

Why spending time on cooking and cleaning without having fun or ignoring your loved ones or the activities which are really important to you?
Why not listen to music loud or have smart lighting for some harmony or romantic feel in your home?
Why not have a wearable gadget which can give you a sight of your health and be always there for you when you need it?
Why always be nervous that you cannot find your keys or that somebody might stole your car?
Or maybe you want to add an additional layer of security to your home, car or else?
Maybe you had a stressful day – why not dive into another reality?
Why not spend valuable time outside and take your new drone to take a few pictures in 360 degrees? Or maybe just take some quality photos to memorize what is important ?
We feel you…We all have been there and still we are! We know what is to be at work all day and…once you get back home you need to continue completing all sorts of tasks – for example prepare a tasty meal, clean after your adorable pets, feed them and go out for a walk, then maybe sleep or be with your loved ones who will actually love you even more if you have completed all of the above daily tasks. 

Mr-Gadget.store is here to cover you! We have the finest selection of electronics so that you do not need to worry about all of the above!

History of Beginning

Mr-Gadget.store became reality after realizing that after certain age, we all start running out of time and missing quite a lot of the important and fun things around us. Fortunately we found out that there is a way to optimize your daily routine and achieve more with the help of numerous gadgets, which resulted from the Evolution of Mankind. You can basically “buy” more spare time and give yourself opportunities to concentrate on what is important, to rest and love life even more!

Oleg Zhelvakov CEO/Founder

What can we do for you ?

Our products are carefully selected to ensure the highest possible quality. They all come with at least 6 months warranty and in case of a faulty equipment they shall be replaced at no cost for you. Our return rate is less than 2% of all orders.

We work with variety of delivery companies all over the globe. All products are shipped from our warehouses in East Asia, Europe and USA in 24h after an order is placed. Occasionally delivery times are around 7-15 business days as we are using ePacket way of transportation for 39 countries on all continents except for Africa. Please, check our FAQs for further details. The maximum delvery time we allow is up to 45 days ( which is a rare delay ), after which further actions should be taken to track/refund your parcel. In such unexpected situations, please email us at [email protected] to review the status of your order. Refunds will be handled through email if necessary.

We currently provide only email and chat support to our customers. Since client care is of highest priority to us, soon we will be launching a support line helping YOU 24/7!

Mr-Gadget has served successfully over 200 customers who already fully enjoy their cool gadgets, and our happy customers are constantly growing!