Hot Teeth Whitening Kit 44% Peroxide Dental Bleaching System

An easy to use whitening kit that gives incredible results after only 3 days.


How to use:

Step 1(Making filled trays):

Heat the mouth tray under 80ºC hot water and warm it up for about 10 seconds. Put the mouth tray over your teeth and firmly set the trays against them, use your fingers to gently mold your teeth.

Step 2: Compare your teeth to the teeth shade guide.

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of whitening gel to both mouth trays and spread evenly(0.25 to 0.4ml for each tray – anymore is just wasted).

Step 4: Insert mouth trays in the mouth and over the teeth, set the trays firmly against the teeth.

Step 5: Keep the trays in your mouth for 7-10 minutes, then rinse with water.

Step 6: .Repeat this complete treatment 2 tines a day. Make sure you rinse & dry the tray between sessions,or once a day. After 3 days compare before and after with the teeth shade guide, you can expect an improvement of 7-10 shades.


After the teeth whitening process use mouth spray to keep your breath fresh.


Package includes:

10 X Whitening Gel (3ml per tube)

2 X Latest design thermoform single arch trays

1 X Mini cold light whitening lamp

1 X Professional 3D Teeth Shade Guide.



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